sonnets to orpheus nr. 9

Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke (1875 – 1926)


Only you, who dare to lift the lyre

inside the inner labyrinth and maze,

will find the pathway back into the light

of endless gratefulness and praise.


Only you, who on death’s bitter flowers

have slept and fed,

will sing a living song

to what was given up for dead.


What shimmers on the pane between the worlds

will quickly slip away;

internalise what you behold.


When born of these two realms

our words and ways

become more valuable than gold.

'Orpheus' - Franz Stück 1891
Sam Lee's album 'Old Wow'

Sam Lee, folk singer, curator and weaver in the collective

Once in a while an artist or musician stands out, because of their specific way of working and interpreting. Sam Lee (UK) is a folk singer, collector and curator of old gypsy songs and traditional ballads that have been handed down through generations in Gypsy communities and Traveller families in England, Ireland and Scotland. 

The process that precedes a reinterpretation of these ancient songs is very similar to alchemical transformation, with material from the collective unconscious. This way, Sam Lee does relevant work for the World Soul, the Anima Mundi.