About Sitie

Certified massage therapist and facilitator since 2007, working individually and with groups for training in holistic massage, body awareness and movement.

Currently in training at the Jung Academie, Amsterdam to be educated as a  Jungian Analyst.

In my work with people, I am aware of the interplay of different layers of consciousness in the expression of the bodymind, and the longing for each soul to unfold into its radiance.

Personal Sharing

As a young girl I always was attracted to the question “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” In my search for  answers, I was longing to be intimately connected with the divine. Yet, I often felt split off from life due to childhood trauma.

My search lead me along several trails of philosophy, early Christianity and Gnosis, contemporary spirituality, Western and Eastern healing and bodywork. In my mid thirty’s I fell in love with a man, with whom I now have a son. This relationship was deeply transformational, and activated old wounds, as well as old questions on the deeper nature of reality. I moved through a spiritual crisis of several years.

After many years of personal and spiritual development, I discovered there was so much I did not know – about myself and the structure of the mind. Through my personal process  I was amazed by the depth, the cyclical nature and symbolism of the psyche. The experience of my personal shadow, interwoven with the collective archetypes ushered me to study the soul through the pioneering work of Carl Gustav Jung. 

While I find great joy in working with people, ever since I completed my training as a massage and movement therapist, I always knew engaging solely through the body was not enough for me.  I acknowledge we are very complex human beings within the mysterious Web of Life.

It is my wish and prayer that all living beings may live in peace, harmony and the wholeness that is inherent to their core being.By combining depth psychology and body awareness, it is my intention to serve as a guide for others on their path of self discovery and embodiment.